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It’s Scott McCall Appreciation Week here at Operation Positivity! We’re going to be posting daily activities centered around Scott this week, starting with….

Scene Selection Sunday!

Scene Selection Sunday is all about sharing your favorite character scenes! Take a screen cap, make a gifset, and/or just share in the tags what you love most about the scene. Why does this scene in particular strike you? What does it show about the character that has you excited or heartbroken?

This week’s Scene Selection Sunday focuses on Scott McCall! 

What we’d most like to see is your favorite scene involving Scott. It doesn’t have to involve only Scott, of course! Maybe you loved the recent Motel California ending scene. Maybe it was the moment he got bit and stumbled into the road. Maybe it was the moment he met Allison. Maybe it was the moment he said he’d wait for her.

Whatever your scene or scenes, we’d love to hear about them! Give us a recap, remind us why we loved that scene, or give someone a new reason to love it just like you do!

When you make a post for this week, make sure that you tag it #Scott-McCall. However, we would love for you to also tag it as #Mighty-McCall so we can track this particular week’s creations! Additionally, we’d love to see these creations in the #Operation-Positivity tag as well as the #Mission-Constructivity tag! We will be taking the best works from the latter two tags to reblog onto our Positivty Feed throughout the week!

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